Sunstone Metal products

Conversion Kit for Sun3B-28"Grill
Item No.P-CKSun3B

convertion kit
2 Conversion Kit for Sun3B-28"Grill w/IR
Item No.P-CKSun3BIR
convertion kit
3 Conversion Kit for Sun4B-34"Grill
Item No.P-CKSun4B
convertion kit
4 Conversion Kit for Sun4B-34"Grill w/IR
Item No.P-CKSun4BIR
tank roller
5 Conversion Kit for Sun5B-42"Grill
Item No.P-CKSun5BIR
tank roller
6 Sunstoone Grill Hood
Item No:Hood
7 Sunstone Grill Flavor Zone "NEW 2" LONGER DESIGN WORKS AS HEAT RISER"
Item No:P-FL-3B/4B/5B
8 Sunstone/Ruby/Sapphire Grill Burner
Item NO: P-G-Burner/-OCS
9 Sunstone Grill Ignitor Box
Item NO:P-GIgnitor/IR
10 19" Propane Regulator
Item No:LP-Reg
Propane Regulator
11 12' Gas Hose + Quick Connect
12 Natural Gas Regulator
Item No:NG-Reg
13 Sunstone Grill Regular Valve
Item No:P-RValve
14 Auto Igniton Valve (right next to ignitor) Item No:P-AIvalve
15 Safety Valve (for IR Grill Back burner)
Item No:P-AISvalve
16 Sunstone Infrared Grill IR Orfice
Item No:P-Orfice-IR
17 Sunstone grill regular valve orfice
Item No:P-Orfice
18 Manifold Adaptor
Item No:P-MAdaptor-LP/NG
19 Sunstone Cooking Grates(Set)
Item No:P-Gset3B/4B/5B
20 Gas Grill Knob(Large/Small)
Item No:P-Knob-L/S
21 thermocouple for Sunstone Grill
Item No:P-Tcouple34/5
22 Sunstone Grill Divider(Fits all sizes)
Item No:P-Divider
23 Sunstone Grill Temperature Gauge
Item No:P-TMeter
24 Electroi ( sits on auto ignition values)
Item No:P-Electroi
25 Sunstone Grill Light Transformer
Item No:P-LT
26 Sunstone Grill Rotisserie Motor
Item No:P-RMotor
27 impulse igniter wire (First Knob Burner)
Item No:P-GIMire
28 impulse igniter wire for Back Burner
Item No:P-GIMwire-IR
29 Sunstone Grill ignitor short wire
Item No:P-IgnitorW-s
30 IR Grill ignitor Split wire
Item No:P-IgnitorW-sp
31 Sunstone Grill Light Cover
Item No:P-Lightcover
32 Sunstone Grill Light Kit
Item No:P-LightKit
33 Ruby/Sunstone Grill Light Bulb
Item No:P-GLB
34 Sunstone Grill Light Switch
Item No:P-LightSwitch
35 9"L x 3-3/4" W x 1-5/8"H Smoker Box
Item No:P-SMbox
36 Orfice Drill Pits #50- Natural Gas
Item No:P-DR-NG
37 Warming Rack for Sunstone/OCS Sapphire Grill
38 304 Stainless Steel Rotisserie Kit
Item No.P-RK-3B/4B/5B
Rotisserie Kit
39 304 SS Rotisserie Fork-Fits 1/2" rod
Item No:P-R-Fork

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