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True Designer Appeal With Unlimited Configurations

Horizontally & Vertically Configurable Components Perfectly Match With Sunstone Cabinet Islands
The Sunstone Designer Series, Raised Style 30” Width by 23” Height Double Door with inside Shelf per each door accommodates oversized grill tools and spices. The Double Doors are specially designed to be the same consistent 23” height as all other Designer Series components – which provide a true designer friendly appeal.
The component is raised off the finish wall 1-1/2" inches so to work with most any island structure including Veneer Stone, Stucco and as extra 4” inch deep inside flange to work with all Masonry Stone types. In Addition the frame is designed with an additional 1/16” inch frame around all four sides of component. Which makes the components multi-configurable Vertically & Horizontally

Styled to match with Sunstone Designer Cabinet Island Series, with both Cabinet Island and individual Designer Component Combinations your island customization are Limitless. Cabinets come fully assembled, and easily install with simple Pin-Locks, Cabinet Islands feature a full ranch of options including Wall Cabinets, and can accommodate 90% of all Grill Brands available in the Market.

Vertically & Horizontally Configurable

Water-Shed Rain Gutters Adjustable Peg-Legs Extra-Deep Flange & Cabinet Door Hinges
All Components are Horizontally & Vertically Configurable using any two or more Door, Drawer or Cabinet Components. Each Component has Built-In 1/16" Bevel Frame around all Four Sides, so when any Two are either Stacked or Placed Side-by-Side this combined package will now function as One Single Unit. Add 1-3/4" Additional Spacing to your Cut-Out's Height or Width depending on your placement. Also see Adjustable Peg-Legs for further Stacking and Leveling Adjustments.
All Designer Series Drawer & Door Panels are specially designed with Built-In Water-Shed Channels which help to Shed-Away nearly 90% of all Water from Storms or Sprinklers from getting in the inside Drawer Compartments. For most Outdoor Kitchen components - Water build-up in the drawer or doors boxes is a major issue, which leads to Rust Pitting of the Surface and can Stain your steel. You can rest easy - knowing your Sunstone Designer Series Components are well designed and built.
All Designer Series Components with a either Drawer or Cabinet Box includes Two Self-Leveling Adjustable Peg-Legs. Simply Block up the Front of the component and adjust down the Peg-Legs supporting the back of the box at either ground level or when Stacked into unlimited configurations. Peg-Legs feature a Thumb-Screw on the inside of the box, for easy setup - simply remove the Drawer to drop the leg in back after it is inserted into island cut-out. Leveling is a breeze.
Specially Designed to meet the Heavy Duty Requirements of the Masonry Kitchen, with thicker walls as much as 12" Inches thick in some cases make it very difficult to install most BBQ Doors. Not the Designer Series Access Doors, with it's Built-In 4-1/2" Deep Installation Flange, coupled with the 16 Gauge all 304 Stainless Steel Frame these Doors are sure to last for many more years and are large enough to store All your Outdoor Kitchen components.
DE-DVR15 $238.00
15" Right Swing Single Door w/Shelf
single door
DE-DVL15 $238.00
15" Left Swing Single Door w/Shelf
single door
DE-DD30 $348.00
30" Multi-Configurable Double Door w/ Shelves
bbq doors
DE-DD36 $388.00
36" Multi-Configurable Double Door w/ Shelves
bbq doors
DE-DD42 $438.00
42" Multi-Configurable Double Door w/ Shelves
bbq doors
DE-DD13 $488.00
18"x13"Double Drawer w/Self-Leveling Legs
single door
DE-TD23 $678.00
18"x23"Double Drawer w/Self-Leveling Legs
single door
DE-SD30 $448.00
30"W x 6.5"H Drawer System
bbq doors
DE-MD30 $488.00
30"W x /10"H Drawer System
bbq doors
DE-TRD18 $518.00
18"x23"Trash Drawer w/Self-Leveling Legs
bbq doors
DE-DPCF13 $488.00
18"x13"Tilt-out Paper Towel, Cutlery Drawer Combo
bbq doors
DE-DPCF23 $658.00
18"x 23" Paper Towel Drawer Combo w/Self-Leveling Legs 
bbq doors
DE-DVPL15 $438.00
15"x23"  Multi-Configurable Storage Pantry Left Swing
bbq doors
DE-DVPR15 $438.00
15"x23"  Multi-Configurable Storage Pantry Right Swing
bbq doors
DE-DDP30 $598.00
30"x23"  Multi-Configurable Storage Pantry
bbq doors
DE-LPCTD30 $978.00
30"x23" Liquid Propane Triple Drawer Combo
bbq doors

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