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Cabinet Island - Appliance Cabinets - 30" Kamado Hybrid Cabinet
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stainless steel appliance cabinets stainless steel appliance cabinets stainless steel appliance cabinets  
Item Number Sleeve Cut-Out Product Option
Center Panels Installed 24-1/2"W x 23-1/2"D x 14-1/2"H w/3/4" Counter Blaze®  20-Inch Cast Kamado - BLZ-20 Joe Classic®  II 18-Inch Kamado - KJ23NRHC Caliber ® Pro Stainless Steel Kamado - CTP22-SS
Center Panels Removed 22-3/4"W front opening with internal 24-1/4"W x 23-1/2"D x 14-1/2"H w/3/4" Counter Blaze®  20-Inch Cast Kamado - BLZ-20 Big Joe®  II 24-Inch Kamado - BJ24NRHC Pro Joe®  24-Inch Ceramic Kamado - PJ24NRHC
Joe Classic®  II 18-Inch Kamado - KJ23NRHC Caliber®  Pro Stainless Steel Kamado - CTP22-SS
Center Top Panel Removed (Counter-Top Installation)

22-3/4" Width x
8-1/2" Height x Max 24-1/2" Depth
Add 1 Inch Height Counter to provide a Cut-Out height of 9-1/2"

SUN24PCB®  - Sunstone 24" Power Cirque Coyote®  Power Burner - C1PBNG Twin Eagles®  Power Burner - TEPB24HG-CN Alfresco®  24-Inch Versa Power - AXEVP-LP
(2” Riser Support)
11-3/4"H or 12-1/2" H (3/4" Counter included in Height) w/Base at 10"W x 2"H x 21"D Primo® Oval Large 300 Kamado – 775 Primo®  Oval Junior 200 Kamado – 774 Primo®  Large Round Ceramic Kamado – 771 Grill Dome Infinity®  Kamado -  GDS-BK
(Floating Shelf)
Product Size - 22-1/2"W x 1-3/8"H x 8"D  
SCC30KB-SPRAIL (Speed Rail) Product Size - 22-1/2"W x 5"H x 4-1/2"D  
30" Kamado Hybrid Cabinet Insertable Products
30"W x 28-1/4"D x 34-1/2"H (w/Legs) SUN24PCB
30"W x 28-1/4"D x 30-1/2"H (without Legs)  
Upto 36" Max Adjustable Height  
Net Weight 110 LBS  
33"W x 31" L x 33" H (Package Size)/121 LBS  
Download Cabinet Island Setup Manual  
Download Spec.Sheet for SAC30KBDC  
Material Specifications:
304 Stainless Steel entire structure, 18 Gauge for Door Panel , 18 Gauge for Cabinet Box, 18 Gauge for Shelf, Handles are made of Solid 304 Stainless Steel Bar
Disclaimer: The trademarks used in the “Product Option” column below belong to their respective owners who do not sponsor nor are they affiliated with Sunstone Metal Products, L.L.C. The specific product Cut-Out Dimensions have not been directly confirmed by any Sunstone Metal Products LLC, representative or employee. Use own discretion to confirm exact product fit.

The 30 In. Sunstone combo Kamado hybrid power burner base cabinet provides a single cabinet you can use in multiple configurations. The cabinet comes with the main front trim-kit faceplate; with this, you can place a Kamado with access to the lower ashtray with the bottom vented door panel. From here you have the option of several front panel mounts including a floating shelf giving you extra work area or a speed rail shelf for extra front-loaded storage. By removing the center top panel allows you to install our Sunstone power cirque burner, or additionally remove the bottom vent door panel to allow a larger Kamado extra front bulge. For shorter height Kamado, insert the optional 2 In. riser platform which functions in conjunction with the main front panel installed. Always take advantage of the included measurement guide mat placing below Kamado, it allows for perfect centering and protection of the finish below. The cabinet comes fully assembled, only requiring to fasten the four included peg-legs, screw in place each 304 SS rod handles, and mount the front and back kick-plates. This cabinet makes use of a “trim-kit” that is installed on the front face of the cabinet, which adapts the cabinet to fit your preferred Kamado or power burner, and compatible with most Kama do’s available in the market. Please refer to the cabinets specification sheet for more information, see the second page showing the various insert sleeve dimensions this refers to your Kamado or burner ““cut-out” dimension – match this up to the correct “trim-kit” and specify this piece on your order.

  • Lifetime Structure Warranty • 304 Stainless Steel Structure
  • 304 SS Rod Handles • Front Vented Kick-Plate
  • Rear Solid Kick-Plate • (2)Soft-Close Drawers
  • Easy Pin-Lock Installation • Removable Counter Rail
  • Covered Side WallAccessPorts • 4 Adjustable Peg-Legs
  • Optional Wheel Casters • Replaceable Face Panel
  • Optional FloatingShelf • Optional Speed Rail

Separately purchase the Side Cabinet End Panel & End Kick-Plate Item No. SCC25KP, & SCC27EP

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33" Power Burner Base Cabinet

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