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Outdoor Cooking - Sunstone Hybrid Grills
Sunstone Premier True-Hybrid Gas Burners, Charcoal Grilling, Wood Searing all-in-one Grills with many Exclusive Features not found in any other product in the market. Addition to our popular Hybrid Grills offered as 30" and 42" Sizes we now offer our 24" Cirque Power Burner - use as a Flat-top Griller, Power Burner with Three Burners and over 65,000 BTU's. Convient Inserts like the 19" Solid Steel Griddle, and Pizza Stone also inserts into our new 30" Hybrid Grill for a Perfect side-by-side companion grilling.

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30” Gas Burners Hybrid Charcoal Grill


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42” Gas Burners Hybrid Charcoal Grill


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Sunstone® 24” Power Cirque™ Burner










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