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304 Stainless Steel Bar Caddy can be installed as Standalone or within a group on any vertical wall or island exterior and can be mounted to Sunstone Cocktail Pro on the control panel front.  The Bar Caddy features are front towel holder and removable drain for easy cleanup, great for expanding your bar and bar, sink and grilling area. The Bar Caddy is easy to install with four adjacent notch holes, recommend using some picture hanging drywall bolts or concrete studs depending on the finish wall material, and hinge the Bar Caddy in place. .

  • 304 STAINLESS STEEL 18 GUAGE PREMIUM MATERIAL - The dimension is 14”W x 7”H  x 5-1/2”D.
  • WORKS INDEPENDENT OR WITHIN A GROUP – Install one or multiple by itself or within a group high or low and side by side for the Ultimate Cocktail Serving Solution, and it also works well with the Draft Drip Pan item no. BC-DT14, placing the two together makes for a Dynamic Dual. The Bar Caddy also works with Sunstone Cocktail Pro by mounting directly to the front control panel, see item no. B-RBC14.
  • IDEAL FOR OUTDOOR LIVING SPACE – Match with other outdoor stainless appliances or grills with same #4 light brushed finish, for an aesthetically pleasing appeal!
  • FOOD SAFETY ALL 304 STAINLESS STEEL - The standard across the industry when determining if the product follows national safety standards as apart of NSF Certifications to meet strict public health standards and regulations.
  • FULLY ASSEMBLED – Locate own mounting screws (not supplied) – usually best to use self-tapping wall hanging bolts which can support up to 50 pounds.  Making it easy and effortless to set the shelf up in few minutes!
  • SPACE SAVING & CLUTTER FREE - Each Bar Caddy  is independent of the other, you can assemble them as standalone or within a group, it is ideal for the front of a Sink, or Ice Chest to expand the usable space by adding extra storage in the front providing needed space saving solutions.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – While it is made as a Bar Caddy for Liquor Bottles, It can act as an organizer or storage of small items, such as Sink Brushes & Cleaners, BBQ Tools, Spices, Kitchen Tools,  or other storage items in the speed rail! Additionally use the front Towel Holder for one or two hand towels.  
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